NEWS: The Maine release orchestral re-working of ‘You Are OK’!

Credit: Promo

Last year saw Arizonian pop-rock outfit The Maine released their seventh studio album, ‘You Are OK’, and now they have more to offer from that record.

With a major highlight of the effort being its intricate string arrangements, the group have taken it one step further and re-released the record as a full orchestral version.

Cleverly re-titled as ‘You Are Composed’, the album features all ten songs put together by GRAMMY nominated composer, Andrew Joselyn.

You can check out the reworked album artwork and full track list below.

01.) Slip The Noose (Orchestral)
02.) My Best Habit (Orchestral)
03.) Numb Without You (Orchestral)
04.) I Feel It All Over (Orchestral)
05.) Heaven, We’re Already Here (Orchestral)
06.) Forevermore (Orchestral)
07.) Tears Won’t Cry (Shinju) (Orchestral)
08.) One Sunset (Orchestral)
09.) Broken Parts (Orchestral)
10.) Flowers On The Grave (Orchestral)

The album is available to purchase online now from the band’s official webstore (here), iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).