NEWS: The King Is Dead decide to part ways!

Yorkshire based post-hardcore outfit The King Is Dead have sadly announced that they have decided to part ways. You can read an official statement from the band about their split below:

“Hey guys, sad announcement time.

We’ve been trying to keep this band alive for the best part of a year but due to conflicting interests, outside commitments and a bunch of other boring things we’re just not able to keep things going as we’d hoped. We’re not done making music, but the band you know as The King Is Dead has come to an end for the time being.

We’re sorry to anyone who was waiting to hear some new stuff but we have other musical projects in the works and we’ll keep you updated on those through here.

Thanks to everyone who showed an interest, sent us messages and helped us reach new ears.”

You can listen to the band’s ‘Once Upon A Burning House’ via out YouTube account (here) or you can purchase it for £1 from their official BandCamp (here).