NEWS: The Ghost Inside perform first show since tragic 2015 bus crash!

Credit: Promo

It’s been a long and hard recovery for The Ghost Inside following the fatal bus collision they were involved in back in November 2015, which claimed the lives of the two drivers involved.

The members themselves also walked away with some serious and life-changing injuries; drummer Andrew Tkaczyk had one of his legs amputated following an initial ten-day coma.

However, the band triumphed over tragedy by performing their first ever show together since the accident on July 13th 2019 outside The Shrine in Los Angeles, California.

You can watch some fan-shot footage of the show below.

At the time of writing, though we know from a statement the band released shortly after the show was announced that this will be their only show of 2019 (you can read that here), it’s not certain if there’ll be any more in the foreseeable future.

However, the band have confirmed that they’ll be continuing to write and record more music with the intention of releasing it soon.