NEWS: The Ghost Inside might be teasing their live return?!

Credit: Promo

Following some intermittent teasing over the past few months of a possible return and even some new music, it looks like The Ghost Inside may have cryptically announced their long-awaited return to performing live.

The band dropped the below tweet and accompanying image which states the date of July 13th 2019 and reads “Your friends Jonathan, Zachary, James, Andrew, and Christopher kindly request that you Save The Date.”

The image also shows and outlined cut out of the state of California with the band’s logo placed on what appears to be Los Angeles, though the location in the city hasn’t been defined.

Of course, with no other information to hand at all, a lot of speculation has come to the forefront from the fanbase, predominantly that this will be their first live performance since their tragic bus accident in 2015.

More details on what this is all about will be confirmed as it develops.