NEWS: The Ghost Inside drummer (Andrew Tkaczyk) shares video update on condition; stands after losing leg!

With the road to recovery still ongoing for members of The Ghost Inside and their crew following the tragic road incident in November on highway 180 in Texas, which sadly claimed the lives of drivers Greg Hoke and Steven Cunningham, drummer Andrew Tkaczyk has shared a video update on his condition, which sees Tkaczyk standing for the first time after losing his right leg following the collision.

You can see the short video, which was posted by Tkaczyk via his official Instagram account, below:

Strengthening that ankle and calf muscles. One day at a time. Be strong. #violentgentlemen #workhard

A video posted by Andrew Tkaczyk (@mtndrew) on

Tkaczyk shared the news regarding the loss of his leg on January 14th 2016 after waking up from an inital 10-day coma (here). Other members of the band and crew are also continuing to recover.

For those who wish to help the band at this difficult time, a GoFundMe page (here) has been set up to help fund and contribute. Another GoFundMe campaign has also been set up to benefit the family of the band’s deceased bus driver, Greg Hoke (here).