NEWS: The Ghost Inside are back in the studio working on new music!

Credit: Promo

It wasn’t that long ago that The Ghost Inside released an incredibly short snippet of an unreleased song called ‘Aftershock’, which was recorded during the sessions for their last full-length, ‘Dear Youth’.

It was very brief, but it was the first time that we’d heard anything somewhat new from the band since the events of the tragic crash on November 19th 2015, which claimed the lives of the drivers of the two vehicles involved, and everyone else hospitalised and/or with life changing injuries.

Their road to recovery has been a long and very hard one to say the least, but it looks like the band are now at a stage where they’re recording some brand new material.

In response to a tweet from a fan, who asked how the band were doing and when/if they’ll be back making music any time soon, they responded with an image of them seemingly working in the studio.

Other than the attached image, the band have shared nothing further, so of course this could mean that they’re just looking back and mixing up some stuff that they’ve recorded years prior, or it could very well mean that some fresh The Ghost Inside material is just around the corner.

More details surrounding the band and any future output and activity will be confirmed as and when it develops.