NEWS: The Fever (letlive., The Chariot, Night Verses) make live debut!

After a couple of weeks of teasing online from the projects account along with those suspected to be involved, the recently hyped project The Fever made their live debut yesterday (July 4th 2017) in the parking lot of Randy’s Donuts in Inglewood, California.

The project is composed of ex-letlive. frontman Jason Aalon Butler, ex-The Chariot guitarist Stephen “Stevis” Harrison, and Night Verses drummer Aric Improta.

It was also suspected that letlive.‘s final touring guitarist Mishka Bier was a part of the outfit, but he has since confirmed via Twitter that he’s not a part of it, and just supporting the project.

Before beginning their short and first live set, Butler explains that The Fever is more than just a musical outlet, but also “an exhibition” and a movement.

“This is a new thing. This is a new thing. It’s me and my friends, and I’ve heard a lot of talk. Everyone’s talking about change. Everybody wants something to be different. Everybody’s talking about doing something different, but this is talk – everyone’s talking. So, for me, and my friends, and the people involved in this, we wanna make a change. So, today we came back to what I know. This is my home, this is where I’m from, and there are people here who are trying to push out my people, my friends, my family, and moving them to places – you know, making things too expensive. They call it gentrification; they call it land grab; whatever it is. That’s what they’re doing, and I think that that’s wrong, obviously, and that thing is happening all around the world, so it’s not just where I’m from. It’s all over the world. It’s other cities, other countries, and today we’re gonna make a point. We’re gonna show them that we are not gonna be compliant, we’re not gonna be quiet, we will assemble, we will do what we need to do to make sure that that change doesn’t actually happen. That’s what this is. It’s an exhibition. First and foremost, this is an exhibition. That being said, we wanna say have a happy Independence Day. This is The Fever.”

You can check out some short clips from their first ever performance below.

At the time of writing, there’s been no further word following the performance from The Fever collectively or individually from any member of the band.

More details surrounding what the future of The Fever looks like will be confirmed as it develops.

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