NEWS: The Fever 333 tackle gun violence in brand new song, ‘Trigger’!

Credit: Promo

Not ones to shy away from the difficult but necessary topics of conversation in their work, confrontational supergroup extraordinaires The Fever 333 have dropped a new track titled ‘Trigger’ – a scathing critique of the gun violence epidemic in the US.

Indeed, it appears that the US has had a concerning issue when it comes to gun violence and mass shootings, especially in recent years. According to reports from various sources, there has been a huge number of school shootings in 2018 already, averaging at around two every week of the year so far.

Pulling no punches as per usual, frontman Jason Butler had a lot to say on the matter.

“I’m not here to tilt anyone towards my side of a complicated and ideological argument with biases.

I’m not here to add more fuel to the fire that burns between those divided on this issue.

I’m not even here to talk about where I stand.

I’m just here to ask our country to be honest with ourselves and understand it would be remiss, ignorant, and blatantly irresponsible if we didn’t acknowledge that we have developed a problem when it comes to gun violence in America.

This statement alone seems to upset some, but please know that I am not saying I want to take away your rights granted in the constitution and I’m not saying anything about any individual that bears a firearm as I don’t venture to know each and every one of you.

But I do know we are leading the planet in gun related deaths and now we are seeing a disturbing frequency in what they consider mass shootings. We have children taking the lives of other children with these weapons. We have people using weapons designed to efficiently kill as many people as possible to do just that. We are the only country in the world facing this issue the way we do.

I understand there are a collection of factors at play when dealing with shooters; mental health, education, misinformation to name a few, and I am not mitigating or pushing those aside, but today – RIGHT NOW I’m talking about the acquisition of firearms. I’m talking about the protocol by which we obtain firearms and the statistical problem we are fostering every day we do not ask for some sort of reform, solution, or acknowledgement regarding this matter.

I understand how we got here, rebellion got us here and rebellion will keep us here – but when the things that we want to protect ourselves with are killing us, we need to have that conversation and it needs to happen now.”

You can stream and listen to ‘Trigger’ in full via the embedded player below.

If you like what you hear, you can download ‘Trigger’ for free from the band’s official website (here).