NEWS: The Fever 333 surprise release debut EP, ‘Made An America’!

Back on Independence Day of last year, political trio and activists The Fever 333 made their public unveiling and live debut unto the world with a short pop-up set in the car park of a donut shop in Inglewood, California.

Consisting of vocalist Jason Aalon Butler (ex-letlive.), guitarist Stephen Harrison (ex-The Chariot), and drummer Aric Improta (Night Verses), the band performed a few shows here and there and, just as surprising as their introduction to the world last year, the band have now released their debut 7-track EP.

Produced by John Feldmann, the band’s debut EP ‘Made An America’ is available now through the band’s newly confirmed label home over at Roadrunner Records.

You can take a look at the artwork, full track listing, and pre-order options below.

01.) Made An America
02.) We’re Coming In
03.) (The First Stone) Changes
04.) Hunting Season
05.) Soul’d Me Out
06.) Walking In My Shoes
07.) POV

Alongside its release, Butler issued a statement of the band’s intent and mission statement, in which he announces, “Friends, family, and allies alike. The last year has seen me through some very significant changes in my life personally, emotionally, and, of course- creatively. One of these changes made was a deliberate effort to truly activate the change that I want to see in the world.

All cliches aside, I figured if I wanted to see something materialize politically, socially or artistically I should personally enact such change. I was able to share this vision with a group of like minded individuals and for a collective project called THE FEVER 333. We released some audio broadcasts carrying the message of the 3 Cs; COMMUNITY, CHARITY, & CHANGE. Not only did people graciously afford us their ears to listen, but offered you their minds, ideals, strengths, and hearts and invested in what is now beginning to feel like a movement.

I am beside myself today as we have spontaneously released the first body of work in extended play format seeing all of the support and belief from people. If I may, I would like to encourage people to share their investment in this project with others in hopes we can offer a safe space for more people to feel free and comfortable to move this bigger political and sociological conversation forward in the name of this movement that is THE FEVER 333. If you would like to affix the EP to that invitation please feel free. All are welcome here.

Thank you for allowing me to continue on as an artist and activist for all of these years. I am forever grateful and perpetually making attempts to fulfil my debts to the people for such privilege. All my love. All power to the people. There’s a fever coming…”

You can order the ‘Made An America’ EP online now from the label’s webstore (here), iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).