NEWS: The Fall Of Troy released alternative version of recent album, ‘OK’!

Despite having only released their new album ‘OK’ on a pay-as-you-want basis less than a month ago, technical rock troupe The Fall Of Troy have now released an alternative version of the record (aptly titled ‘OK #2’), which is also available on a pay-as-you-want basis.

The band explain that this is a different take on the ‘OK’ record, which showcases “the raw fury you hear at our shows and our earlier albums.”

You can check out the album’s revised artwork, full track listing, and links to purchase below:

01.) 401k
02.) Inside-Out
03.) Savior
04.) A Single Word
05.) Side By Side
06.) Suck-o-Matic
07.) An Ode To The Masochists
08.) Auto Repeater
09.) Love Sick
10.) Your Loss

The band have issued a statement about the creation of both ‘OK’ and ‘OK #2’, which reads as follows:

“More art is always better, we think.

When we were making this album, we wanted to do a few things we haven’t had the chance to do previously in our career; work with multiple artists, work with multiple producers, and work only for our fans.

We understood when working on this album that everyone hears The Fall Of Troy differently. We would like to respect that, and you, as much as possible.

So, here is a different take of the album, with a different take on the artwork. OK #2 represents a different version of us; the raw fury you hear at our shows and our earlier albums.

If you would like to continue to support, pay us what you want, or don’t. This is for you.

The Fall Of Troy”

You download the album for whatever price you like, or order a physical copy, over on the band’s official website (here).