NEWS: The Faim unveil new members, Samuel Tye and Linden Marrisen!

Credit: Mac Praed

Having been reduced to a two-piece following the exit of drummer Sean Tighe back in November, The Faim have now announced that they’ve welcomed two new members into the band line-up.

The band unveiled the two new additions to the group, Samuel Tye and Linden Marrisen, and officially announced their joining the band via their social media channels.

“With such a big year ahead, our first headline tour, first album, and many more announcements, we felt it was the perfect time to formally welcome our two incredible friends Samuel Tye and Linden Marrisen into The Faim. They are both talented, kind and hardworking people who in their short time touring with us, created so many unforgettable memories and experiences. Our faimily is growing by the day and we’re beyond thankful for this opportunity to explore our passion with incredible people like yourselves. This isn’t just a lifestyle for us. It’s this burning passion that drives us to express the rawest parts of our identity and without it we would be lost. Thank you for giving us the pleasure of having a little place in your world. We can’t wait to share this year, the year after, and then the next 49358399 years with you.”

More details surrounding future activity from The Faim, including that regarding their debut full-length album, will be confirmed in the coming months.

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