NEWS: The Faim release video to accompany new single, ‘The Fire’!

Credit: Jonathan Weiner

Last week, Australian pop-rock superstars in-the-making The Faim released a brand new single called ‘The Fire’, and now they’ve got a video to go with it.

Frontman Josh Raven had this to say about their new single.

“The concept behind ‘Fire’ is about how dedicating yourself to achieve your dream can affect your relationships with those closest to you, be it family, friends, or loved ones. When you fully believe in something that you’re working towards, it can become an addiction. You become so focused on what you plan to achieve that you lose sight of what’s happening around you. This is what ‘fire’ refers to in the song: that burning passion to create, express ourselves, and grow as musicians that we can’t put out even if we tried.”

You can stream and watch the video for ‘The Fire’ below.

More details surrounding the band’s yet-to-be-announced debut album are expected to be revealed soon.