NEWS: The Distillers tease their return for 2018!

Credit: Promo

Back in 2006, Los Angeles based punk rock outfit The Distillers announced that they were heading on an indefinite hiatus when both frontwoman Brody Dalle and lead guitarist Tony “Bradley” Bevilacqua, who at the time were the only two remaining members of the band went on to form and focus on their other project Spinnerette instead.

However, following more than a decade of complete inactivity, the band created and set up a Twitter account back in October, signalling some form of activity was happening. Now, the band have posted a short teaser video, which includes a clip of what is assumed to be new material from the band, and by extension their return.

You can take a look at the short teaser clip below.

Before announcing their hiatus back in 2006, the band released a total of three full-length records; their 2000 self-titled debut, 2002’s ‘Sing Sing Death House’, and their third and final studio album ‘Coral Fang’ in 2003. Dalle co-wrote, played guitar, and provided vocals for nearly every track on all three of the band’s albums.

During their hiatus, the members went on to focus on other projects. Along with the aforementioned Spinnerette, Dalle also focused on a solo career, and drummer Andy Granelli spent his time on his other band, Darker My Love.

More news surrounding the band’s return, including tour plans and the release of new music, will be confirmed over the coming weeks.