NEWS: The Devil Wears Prada tease follow-up to ‘Zombie’ EP!

Credit: Promo

The Devil Wears Prada appear to be teasing some new material, and from the looks of things it’ll be a follow-up to their conceptual ‘Zombie’ EP.

The band have shared a short cinematic video on their socials, depicting someone in the home seemingly in the midst of an apocalypse, with a caption included that reads “UPSET THE SICKNESS”.

There are also a few other hints towards it being a return to their ‘Zombie’ concept EP. In the home, there’s a banner reading “RUN” several times, a newspaper with a story heading including the word “OUTBREAK”, a post-it note reading “HUMANS MISMANAGED THE GRAVITY OF THE VIRUS”, and towards the end there’s a shadow of a hand that can be seen on the window.

It’s also worth noting that the instrumentation used during the video is very similar to that of the introduction of their song ‘Escape’, which is the opening track to their ‘Zombie’ EP, though slightly slowed down and reimagined.

You can listen to that song below for comparison.

At the time of writing it’s uncertain exactly what this tease is for. It could be another EP, a full-length album, a conceptual livestream, or something else entirely.

More details will be confirmed as they develop.