NEWS: The Catharsis call it a day!

Despite returning from a brief hiatus earlier this year with plans to release their sophomore album, Birmingham’s The Catharsis have announced that they’ve decided to call the band a day for good via Facebook. You can see the band’s full statement detailed below:

“• THE END •

Hello everyone,

We’re sorry to say that after almost 5 years of playing music together, we’ve decided to call it a day with T/C.

We know that this must come across as confusing considering that we’ve not long returned from a hiatus, and announced a new record. With our return at the start of the year, we didn’t count on dragging negative feelings along with us, all of which have slowly eaten away at certain members, and have resulted in T/C becoming a source of anxiety, problems, and negativity, which is something we always told ourselves we would never let happen.

To those hoping to catch us live this year, we’re truly sorry, but right now there are no plans for a final tour, or a final show.

However, there is a silver lining to this…

We don’t aim to fizzle into nothing, we want to end this in a big ball of flames, kicking and screaming on our way to that shadowy area of music where bands go to die.

Our most recent record, titled “PURGE/PURE”, will be released to all who want it soon. It has the final 6 tracks that we recorded as a band on it. We want to leave you with something to remember us by, so hopefully this record will stick in your minds.

There are currently no other projects being created by the members of T/C, but we will let you know, when we know

We want to thank Tom Hutton, Amanda Follit, Rich Perri, Matt Bradbury, Palm Reader, Black Art, Bad Sign, Polar, Feed The Rhino, HECK, Bastions, Zoax, Anavae, Continents, Kieron McCarthy, Beckie Sugden and anyone else who has helped us have as much fun as we did over the past 5 years.

We want to also thank Andrew Bevan, James Dewsnap, Denny Connolly, Chris Porter and Mike Howse for their time in the band.

Finally we want to thank you guys for sticking by us, through thick and thin, we’ll never forget the support, the love, the anger and the good times you all shared with us. We fucking love you, honestly.

News on the final record coming soon.

Thank you.

Morgan / Ash / Matt / Mikey / Joel

2010 – 2015″

News surrounding the band’s final release ‘Purge/Pure’ and any final tour dates or a one-off farewell show (if they ever come to fruition) will be confirmed over the coming weeks as they develop.