NEWS: The Bunny The Bear vocalist (Matt Tybor) arrested for “domestic violence”!

Earlier this week, as first reported by Southeast Pit Report, Buffalo native and The Bunny The Bear vocalist/principle songwriter Matt Tybor was arrested on September 22nd 2015 in Polk County, Florida. His arrest report, made available by Lakeland, Florida based newspaper The Ledger, states that Tybor was charged with domestic violence-battery touch or strike (“actually and intentionally touches or strikes another person against the will of the other”), and resisting an officer without violence.

Each charge made against Tybor is a third degree felony under Florida’s penal code; together, they are punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000. At the time of writing, Tybor has since posted bail.

Since his arrest and being released, Tybor has reached out to Substream Magazine to explain the events further. He explains “Was [in] a fight with my brother while we were drinking. In Florida, if police come, they have to make an arrest and is filed under a domestic misdemeanor even though the charges are being dropped. Just a little clarification from my part guys lol just a drunken brother battle.”

“I just know the word Domestic can be taken wrong”, Tybor continues. “Just a reminder of stupidity and why drinking can be [idiotic] I suppose. But I’m currently sitting on a couch next to him so we’re good.”

The band’s sixth full-length album, ‘A Liar Wrote This’, is available now through Victory Records.