NEWS: The Bots drop first new song in 5 years, ‘Fake Gold’!

Credit: Promo

It’s been five years since The Bots released their debut album, ‘Pink Palms’, and now they’re delivering something new with their song ‘Fake Gold’.

This is what vocalist/guitarist Mikaiah Lei had to say about it.

“It’s called ‘Fake Gold’ because it’s about fake people. You meet so many disingenuous people in today’s youth and society, they put on a good face and pretend to be nice but it’s all an act. You find that the gold, the sparkle, that special quality you saw within someone is false and there for the name of the song I suppose. It could even be as simple as surface details, someone that wears $6000 outfit head to toe but hasn’t really got any money beyond that. It’s a song about self-identity.”

You can check out the video for ‘Fake Gold’ below.

The band will release a yet-to-be-announced EP in early 2020, with more details expected to follow soon.