NEWS: The Armed release video for new song, ‘Ft. Frank Turner’!

Credit: Promo

Never content with doing anything by halves or with normal conventions, The Armed have teamed up with Adult Swim and their singles series to release a new song, titled ‘Ft. Frank Turner’.

As the song’s title suggests, it does indeed feature some guest vocals from British singer/songwriter Turner, but not quite in the conventional sense as such. What’s more, the cover art (below) actually displays Frank Carter (Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, ex-Gallows, ex-Pure Love) instead.

Now, if you’re not already aware of the situation then allow us to try and explain.

Upon the release of the song, Turner himself tweeted upon discovery of the song that he was unaware of its existence prior to release, and that it features a snippet of an unused and unreleased demo that he hasn’t approved the use of, and doesn’t know of anyone else clearing its use.

A short while after, Turner tweeted again, saying that everyone he’s contacted to try and discover more as to how his unused demo came to feature in the song without his knowledge has made no return contact to clarify.

The Armed responded back to Turner‘s questions and confusion in a short statement that was issued via Stereogum, in which they said the following.

“It saddens us to hear that he’s upset about the song. We’ve been big fans of Gallows for a long time.”

Obviously, Turner hasn’t ever been a member of Gallows or featured on any of their songs, instead referring to Frank Carter whose image is used on the single’s cover artwork above.

Of course, the song also comes with an accompanying equally strange video, which you can check out below.

Due to the song being a part of the Adult Swim Singles series, it is assumed that it will remain as a stand alone single, and not to feature on the follow-up to last year’s full-length, ‘Only Love’.