NEWS: The 1975 to release new music before Reading & Leeds 2019!

Credit: Promo

With plans to release their fourth album ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’ at some point this year, and with an initial tentative release last month, The 1975 are waiting with baited breath for more news.

The new record is said to act as a kind of sister album to last year’s ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’, and second in their “Music For Cars album cycle”.

Though there’s no official word per say yet as to when we can expect it, the band’s manager Jamie Oborne (who also owns Dirty Hit Records) did confirm in an interview with Music Week (here) that we can expect to hear some new music from the band before their main stage headline appearance at Reading & Leeds Festival in August.

You can read an excerpt of what Oborne had to say about progress with the new record below.

“The record is coming together. We’ve had this recording studio tour bus on the American tour which has been great for productivity… The boys have been constantly working. I can’t say exactly when it will come, there are a few elements coming together, but we will be releasing music before Reading.

I was listening to the demos and it’s amazing… It feels like it will be a long record. Will it be a double album? I don’t know what that means any more, it’s definitely going to a long album but I can’t possibly commit to whether it will be a double album or not. That’s a decision that happens when everything is almost completed.

We’ve had a lot of back and forth about whether we drop the whole thing as a project. As always with The 1975, we have a pool of possibilities and then Matthew Healy pulls the rug from under our feet at the last minute! The natural first statement always emerges. We’re just figuring out what direction to take it at the moment.”

More details on ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’ will be confirmed as it develops.

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