NEWS: The 1975 tease third album ‘Music For Cars’ with countdown!

It’s one of the most hotly discussed releases of 2018, and it seems that a lot more light is about to be shed on the release of The 1975‘s hugely-anticipated third full-length record, ‘Music For Cars’.

There has been a lot of build up from the band, who have previously been teasing videos of themselves working in the studio over the past few months, with even the group’s manager Jamie Osborne tweeting a mystic message that there’s “only a few days” before something happens.

Now, something has happened. All four members of The 1975 have changed their profile photos on Twitter and Instagram to plain white with the band’s name in a bold black.

This is familiar cryptic territory for the group, who have previously deleted all social media and changed from a black to pink aesthetic for the release of their 2016 sophomore record, ‘I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It’.

But, there’s more. The band have shared a poster of a block text – subtitled A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relations – with what appears to perhaps be song lyrics or poetry, making reference to potential track names on the upcoming album.

As well as this, reports of similar posters have appeared in both Manchester and London, with fans taking photos of them and sharing them online.

Since then, the band have shared a link to their website (here) which contains a countdown which will run to and end on June 1st 2018, a date which has been teased by frontman Matty Healy previously.

The link also came with this mysterious image.

As of yet, the details of this mysterious post is unclear, or exactly what the countdown is for, but we here at DEAD PRESS! will be sure to bring you all the latest as we get it.

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