NEWS: The 1975 commit to playing only gender-balanced music festivals!

Credit: Mara Palena

In response to The Guardian‘s deputy music editor, Laura Snapes, Manchester indie-rock/pop-rock outfit The 1975 shared that they’ve made a commitment that they intend to play only gender-balanced music festivals going forward.

This follows criticism off the back of the recent announcement for this year’s Reading & Leeds Festival for its heavily male line-up, and is a discussion that is (and has been) present and raised for a number of music festivals in recent years.

Snapes tweeted the band’s frontman, Matt Healy, suggesting that the band make some form of deal in their agreement with bookers that they’ll only commit to performing at their event provided there’s an X% of artists on the festival’s final line-up that are female and non-binary performers.

Healy responded with the following.

As Healy states in his tweet, the band have already been confirmed to perform at festivals this coming summer which may not fit a gender-balanced description, potentially including ones that are yet to be announced (they’ll have signed the contractual agreement months prior).

You can read the full original article about this over on The Guardian now.