NEWS: Sworn Amongst drop new song, ‘Crucify’!

Credit: Promo

British metal monsters Sworn Amongst have dropped a new song called ‘Crucify’, along with an accompanying video showing some footage from last year’s Tech-Fest set.

Guitarist Ashley Currie had this to say about it.

“This past year has been such a mixed feeling of emotion, so much uncertainty… but then in another light it’s provided people with time to reflect on themselves and deal with any hold backs. The moments we’ve had define a driving force behind something that I hold so close to my heart, you never really know someone until you’ve spent weeks round the globe in a van with them, sleeping in luxury, but also in cold winters, eating like kings and surviving on sandwiches, playing sleepless hundreds of miles away from your nice warm bed because nothing can stop the grind.

I’m so thankful for every opportunity given, the experiences I’ve shared with my brothers, the friends I’ve made along the way and the future.

Today we release ‘Crucify’ which up until recent, lyrically, has never made more sense than it does now.”

You can check out ‘Crucify’ and its video below.

At the moment, it’s uncertain whether or not the track will remain as a stand alone single.