NEWS: Sugar Horse release video for new song, ‘The Great Shame’!

Credit: Promo

Bristolian up-and-comers Sugar Horse have released a video for their new song, ‘The Great Shame’, which initially premiered earlier this week via Riot Act Podcast.

This is what guitarist/vocalist Ashley Tubb had to say about the video, which acts as an ode to documentary filmmakers Paul Wright (Arcadia) and Adam Curtis (Hypernormalisation).

“You can see the sheer dilapidation of the station itself. Things are broken beyond repair. Everything looks bleak and barely holding together, dusty traces of an old London are clearly visible everywhere. The old guard/dayshift are set in their ways, ploughing on regardless of consequence to the station or their own wellbeing. Working next to them, but never actually seeing them, are the night shift, who are mostly younger and new to London. They moved there for the chance to make money and a more exciting life; instead, they end up pulling human hair out of the railway tracks in the dead of night. There’s something about moving out of the past, into the future and learning from the mistakes of the old guard who were too terrified to change that really resonated.”

You can check out ‘The Great Shame’ and its video below.