NEWS: Stray From The Path release Audiotree Live session!

Credit: Promo

Hardcore outfit Stray From The Path have become one of the latest bands to take part in an Audiotree Live session, and they’ve just shared the whole thing on video.

Recorded live on November 13th 2019, the band performed five songs from their latest record, ‘Internal Atomics’, and Brendan Murphy (Counterparts) also showed up to perform his part on the track ‘Kickback’.

You can watch the full thing and see the stop and start marks for each song below.

00:26-03:09 | Fortune Teller
03:38-06:45 | Second Death
11:14-14:13 | The First Will Be The Last
14:39-18:22 | Beneath The Surface
24:16-27:43 | Kickback (feat. Brendan Murphy)

The band’s ninth album, ‘Internal Atomics’, is out now via UNFD.

You can order the album online from the label’s webstore (here), iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).