NEWS: Steel Panther release new song, ‘Fuck 2020’!

Credit: David Jackson

Glam metal devotees Steel Panther have released a new song called ‘Fuck 2020’, a sentiment we can surely all stand behind this year.

In the band’s typical comedic style, and as the name of the song itself suggests, it’s all about how rubbish the vast majority of 2020 has been for all of us.

This is what the band had to say of the track.

“This year has been fucking tough on everyone. We were excited to hang with you all at Gobblefest this weekend and hopefully have some laughs, but COVID has other plans for us. We hope you enjoy the new song in the meantime. It has become an anthem for the band – and not just because we wrote it. Please join us in telling 2020 to suck our collective dick.”

You can check out ‘Fuck 2020’ below.

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