NEWS: Static-X frontman Xer0’s hidden identity has been revealed!

Credit: Promo

Following the tragic death of Static-X frontman Wayne Static in 2014, the then defunct industrial metal outfit reformed last year with the plan to release a new record in 2020.

Titled ‘Project Regeneration’, the record will feature many unused and archived isolated vocal recordings of the band’s late frontman, in turn acting as a tribute to his work with the band over the years.

To promote the forthcoming release of the road, the band enlisted a mysterious frontman, known only under the guise of Xer0, who wears a mask bearing similarities to that of the late Wayne Static, and with his hair styled in a similar manner too.

Since this announcement, fans have been eager to find out the true identity of the enigmatic new member of the band and now, thanks to some sleuthing and digging around, it looks like we finally know who the man behind the mask really is.

Thanks to the folks over at Danish metal publication Metal A Day, the masked Xer0 appears to have the same neck tattoo as that of Edsel Dope, the frontman for New York heavy metal band Dope, who just so happen to opening for Static-X throughout their current touring plans.

You can check out a comparison of the photos which unveil Xer0‘s true identity below.

Though it’s pretty certain that Edsel Dope is the man behind the mask, Static-X are yet to confirm or comment on this matter at the time of writing.