NEWS: State Champs revive the iPod in ‘Criminal’ video!

Credit: Promo

As streaming has soared and downloads have declined, nowadays the iPod is almost a relic in the music consumption of the past, but pop-punk kings State Champs bring focus back to it in their video for ‘Criminal’.

The video acts as another interconnected counterpart to those already released or singles from their latest album, ‘Living Proof’.

Bassist Ryan Scott Graham commented further on the video.

“We had a blast filming a handful of cameos for the new ‘Criminal’ video. Miguel Barbosa had a great vision to expand on our idea of developing a series of interconnected videos for this album cycle, this of course being a prequel of sorts to the video for ‘Dead And Gone’. We had a lot of people asking about the meaning of it all, but we’re not ready to divulge that information yet!”

You can stream and take a look at the video for ‘Criminal’ below.

The band’s third full-length, ‘Living Proof’, is out now through Pure Noise Records.

You can purchase the album online now from iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).