NEWS: Stand Atlantic unite self-isolating fans in ‘Drink To Drown’ video!

Credit: Promo

Many parts of the world are self-isolating due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but Stand Atlantic have offered a video which unites them together for their new song, ‘Drink To Drown’.

Lead vocalist/guitarist Bonnie Fraser had this to say of the video and the current global situation.

“We’re living through history right now and as scary and uncertain as this time may be, the one thing that has been so positive to see is how everyone has come together. Everyone is going through it all at once, we’re looking out for each other from afar and there’s something comforting about that which makes it feel like maybe this is all going to be OK. We also wanted to portray some positive aspects about the impacts of isolation. We had our fans across the world who are currently in isolation send us videos of themselves doing things they either never had time to do or have never even thought about doing, but now have the time to try them out. We hope this will spark creativity and solidarity to anybody who’s watching and has been affected by COVID-19.”

You can check out the video for ‘Drink To Drown’ below.

The band’s yet-to-be-announced sophomore studio album is expected to see a release later this year via Hopeless Records.