NEWS: Stake debut weird video for ‘Everybody Knows’!

Credit: Promo

Belgian upstarts Stake have debuted a weird video for their (sort of) unreleased song, ‘Everybody Knows’, which was previously only included on the vinyl release of their ‘Catatonic Dreams’ EP.

This is what the band had to say about the song and its meaning.

“…we’re extremely excited to share a track that, whilst not new to some, we expect will be unheard before by a lot of you guys; ‘Everybody Knows’ was previously only released on vinyl, on our debut EP ‘Catatonic Dreams’, and today we’re releasing this track digitally and with a brand new video.

‘Everybody Knows’ is a song about accelerationism: to accelerate a certain process in order to gain change. It’s a term normally used in political and social theories – the belief that this will hasten it’s self-destructive tendencies and ultimately lead to its collapse.

We as a band lent this term to understand and handle our own psychological chaos and music. It’s the kind of song that we’ll not be able to write twice; it is one of our beloved misfits that we love to play live at the end of our sets. We are very psyched to put this track online now since we’ll not be able to play it live for a while…”

You can check out ‘Everybody Knows’ and its video below.

The band have re-released their debut EP ‘Catatonic Dreams’ on a limited edition vinyl, restricted to just 300 copies.

You can order a copy online from the band’s Bandcamp page (here).