NEWS: Spotify Wrapped feature offers a recap on your 2018 listening!

2018 has been quite the year for music, and if you want a ‘my year in review’ sort of look back at what has been soundtracking your year and you’re a Spotify user then you’re in luck.

The streaming platform has launched a Spotify Wrapped feature which allows you to take a look back at your listening habits, preferences, and from the past 12 months, not only telling you your favourite artists and songs, but also how many minutes you spent listening to music, and curated playlists.

Here’s how you get take a look at yours.

1.) Head to
2.) Connect up your Spotify account.
3.) The website will then take you through your 2018 listening history, top artists, top songs, and more.
4.) Spotify then compiles all of this data into a Top 100 playlist for you so you can relive those musical memories.

Along with the above, Spotify has also shared data globally on what have been the most streamed artists, songs, and genres throughout the entirety of 2018 (which can be read here).

At the time of writing, it doesn’t seem that any other popular streaming platform are currently offering a similar feature.