NEWS: Spotify remove Blood On The Dance Floor catalog amidst allegations!

Credit: Promo

Streaming giants Spotify have now removed the entirety of Blood On The Dance Floor‘s back-catalogue from their platform for reportedly violating the service’s prohibited content policy.

The policy bans music that “promotes, advocates, or incites hatred or violence” against groups or individuals based on characteristics like gender, race, and religion.

The removal of the band’s material from the platform comes in the midst of allegations and an ongoing investigation incited by The Huffington Post against Dahvie Vanity (whose real name is Jesus David Torres), the frontman and currently only member of the project, in which he faces accusations from up to 21 different women of sexual assault and misconduct.

You can read our initial report on allegations that came to light in December (here), and more recently an article on The Huffington Post in which the 21 alleged victims have come forward with their accounts against Torres (here).

There have also been reports in the past in regards to Torres‘ interactions with underage female fans, some of which came to light in early 2018 (here).

Other allegations a few years prior also resulted in Blood On The Dance Floor being dropped as support from tours with other bands (here).

A post on Tumblr was also published in 2013 which details other accusations of a similar nature against Torres, which includes conversation screenshots (here).

At the time of writing, Torres is yet to respond to the allegations.

For those who are facing or who are survivors of sexual abuse, harassment and misconduct, more help and support can be found below.

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