NEWS: spookyghostboy shares new single, ‘Hello, It’s Me’!

Credit: Promo

Nashville, Tennessee based singer/songwriter spookyghostboy (aka Austin Thomas) has just shared a brand new single called ‘Hello, It’s Me’.

Thomas explains that the song itself is about his experience dealing with a rare condition called cluster headaches.

“A couple of years ago I got diagnosed with a rare form of headaches called cluster headaches. Sometimes they’re called suicide headaches, because of how painful they are. For six months or so I would get them every day for several hours a day & it was pretty debilitating. Whatever I was in the middle of doing, I had to completely drop because I would be unable to focus. They eventually disappeared, but I wrote this song about the experience of trying to deal with that. I was really frustrated having to spend hours every day trapped in my house and being rendered completely useless. I recorded it by myself in my home studio on a week between tours.”

You can give ‘Hello, It’s Me’ a listen below.

At the time of writing, it’s uncertain whether or not the track will feature on a forthcoming EP or album.