NEWS: Spiritbox share emotive new single, ‘Constance’!

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Progressive metal outfit Spiritbox have just released an emotive new single called ‘Constance’, along with an accompanying video (directed by Dylan Hryciuk).

Vocalist Courtney LaPlante explains the meaning behind the song and its video, and how it speaks of tragic passings that both she and Hryciuk have faced recently.

“When ‘Holy Roller’ took off, we knew that we wanted to use the follow up single as a statement to show that we are not just going to put out the same thing over and over. We wrote the music for this song at the same time as ‘Blessed Be’ and ‘Rule Of Nines’, but I hadn’t ever committed to lyrics.

I came to our director Dylan with a proposition: let’s create the music video and the lyrical content of the song at the same time. We both felt compelled for the song and story to reflect the sorrow we both feel about our grandmothers passing away recently.

Due to border shut downs, I was not able to say goodbye to my grandmother Phyllis, to whom the song is in tribute, or attend her funeral. I always promised her that I would sing at her memorial service, because she always requested a “pretty song with none of that scary screaming”. I hoped writing this song with no “scary screaming” in it would help me find a sense of closure.

Dylan wrote his video concept to honour his grandmother, Constance to whom the video is in tribute. Our music videos usually have a horror element to them, and we wanted to explore a different side of horror: the horror of feeling like your mind is betraying you, due to a long battle with dementia. With Dylan’s permission, we named the song ‘Constance’ to immortalize her story.”

You can check out ‘Constance’ and its video below.

Spiritbox are expected to release their debut full-length album in 2021 via Rise Records, more details of which will be confirmed as they develop.

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