NEWS: Sophomore shares new song, ‘When Shit Gets Weird, I Check Out’!

Though known more for fronting Decade, Alex Sears also has a solo project under the guise of Sophomore, and through that he’s shared a new song, ‘When Shit Gets Weird, I Check Out’.

It acts as the first song to come from this project since the 2016 full-length album, ‘God Save My Beating Heart’, and his first offering of music since Decade‘s sophomore LP ‘Pleasantries’ in 2017.

You can stream and listen to ‘When Shit Gets Weird, I Check Out’ below.

Reportedly, Sears has plenty of material that he’s sitting on and plans to release at some point under the name of Sophomore in the future, though is unsure of when and how.

More details will be confirmed as they develop.