NEWS: Snake Eyes debut new single, ‘Happy Pills’!

Credit: Promo

South Coast trio Snake Eyes have debuted a new single called ‘Happy Pills’, the band’s second offering since joining the roster at Killing Moon Records.

Here’s what vocalist/guitarist Jim Heffy had to say of the track.

“This was another track born out of lockdown freedom/boredom and a simple, high energy rock tune. It’s a song about anti-depressants and self-love really. At one point, I relied on them heavily for anxiety and I felt like I was the only person having a bad time and that nobody understood, which is not true of course. It’s great that mental health is something that’s openly spoken about these days but medication isn’t the only solution. You’ve gotta love yaself!”

You can check out ‘Happy Pills’ and its video (directed by Thomas Coe-Brooker) below.