NEWS: Slipknot to release (sic)ness live DVD!

Slipknot are set to release their upcoming live DVD ‘(sic)ness’ on September 27th, composing of their live performance headlining Download Festival in Donington on June 13th, 2009. This documents one of the last major performances with the now late founding member and bassist Paul Gray who passed away in May this year.

The band’s set will be featured on the DVD in full, marking as one of the most pinnacle moments in the band’s history to date. Along with the entirety of their set at Download Festival 2009, the DVD will also feature a collection of their music videos taken from their latest full-length ‘All Hope Is Gone’ and the making of the video for ‘Snuff’. Full tracklisting and contents are as follows:

01.) 742617000027
02.) (sic)
03.) Eyeless
04.) Wait and Bleed
05.) Get This
06.) Before I Forget
07.) Sulfur
08.) The Blister Exists
09.) Dead Memories
10.) Left Behind
11.) Disasterpiece
12.) Vermillion
13.) Everything Ends
14.) Psychosocial
15.) Duality
16.) People = Shit
17.) Surfacing
18.) Spit it Out

A 45-minute film directed by Shawn Crahan, that captures Slipknot on the road and behind the scenes during the ‘All Hope Is Gone’ cycle.

01.) Psychosocial
02.) Dead Memories
03.) Sulfur
04.) Snuff

01.) Snuff

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