NEWS: Slipknot tease cryptic videos on a series of mysterious accounts!

Credit: Alexandra Crahan-Conway

Currently touring across the UK, metal monsters Slipknot are bewildering fans online with their recent social media activity after posting a short and cryptic video.

The 42-second clip is heavily edited with warped and psychedelic effects, but from what we can see beyond it there’s an inverted figure holding some form of sharp blade in their hand, and is swinging it in slow-motion.

The Twitter post of this clip has some obscure music backing it, is accompanied with a caption that simply reads “soon.”

Things over on Instagram, however, are a little bit more complex and in-depth. The video was posted nine times as separate posts on the band’s official profile, the first one containing in its caption a link to a completely different Instagram account, @thehueisblack01.

The remaining eight each have a different caption, and in order they read: “Fertilization Deployment”, “The New Individual”, “The Esoteric Oneself Or Someone”, “Dreams Of Crops”, “Matured Ovule”, “Fertilization Evacuation”, “Allure Of Indignation”, and “Death Because Of Death”.

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Over on the @thehueisblack01 account, a different silent video of the band’s star logo has been also been posted nine times, all of which read the caption “The Hue Is Black 001” except for one, which in turn leads to a different Instagram account, @fertilizationdeployment002a.

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Once again, the newly created @fertilizationdeployment002a Instagram account hosts nine videos, all of which depict a group of people performing with pink neon marching drums, three of which being preceded by a very brief clip of an insect.

All of them have the caption “Fertilization Deployment 002a”, bar one which (as you might’ve guessed with the pattern by now) leads to another Instagram profile, @thenewindividual003.

The rabbit hole of cryptic videos posted in nines, one of which linking to a newly created profile continues onwards: @esotericoneself004, @dreamsofcrops005, @maturedovule06, @fertilizationevacuation002b, and @allureofindignation007.

It eventually leads to the ninth and final Instagram account, @deathbecauseofdeath008, and the nine videos there all feature the caption “soon” along with address of the band’s website.

Fans are already speculating that this could be alluding to new material, maybe towards a deluxe edition of their latest album, ‘We Are Not Your Kind’, or even the previously discussed unreleased album of experimental material, ‘Look Outside Your Window’.

More details on what this all means will be confirmed as it develops.