NEWS: Slipknot surprise release brand new single, ‘All Out Life’!

Credit: Promo

With the way things were going, we didn’t think we’d hear any new Slipknot material until at least the beginning of 2019, but the Iowan nonet have surprised us all with a new single, ‘All Out Life’.

The song has also come with a video, which was shot in Los Angeles with a bunch of fans on October 5th, who are dressed in white body suits with masks and attend what can only be described as a bloodbath in an unused warehouse.

Speaking about the song and its message, frontman Corey Taylor had this to say.

“‘All Out Life’ is a song that is trying to do two things: bring everyone together, but also remind everyone that the past is not something to be discarded with disdain. People are so eager to find the ‘Next Big Thing’ sometimes, that they shit all over the bands and artists that have come before, thus making the past feel disposable, like a dirty thing.

Fuck that. Why should we pay attention to your mediocre future when you can’t be bothered to celebrate an amazing past? I’d rather listen to a guaranteed hit than a forced miss. ‘All Out Life’ is the anthem that reminds people that it’s not the date on the music – it’s the staying power.”

You can check out the accompanying video for ‘All Out Life’ (directed by the band’s own Shawn “Clown” Crahan) below.

More details surrounding the band’s forthcoming fourth full-length album, and whether or not ‘All Out Life’ will be featured on it, will be confirmed over the coming weeks.

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