NEWS: Slipknot plan to release sixth album in summer 2019!

Credit: Promo

Masked metal icons Slipknot have been teasing news of a forthcoming sixth album in drips for several months, and now they’ve stated that they are hopeful to be releasing new music in the summer of next year.

Speaking to Resurrection Fest TV, frontman Corey Taylor explained the band’s intentions for 2019, which is looking to be the usual full scale overhaul of a new album: music, masks, outfits, etc.

“Next year is a big year for Slipknot. We’re definitely thinking about a big world tour… [a new album] absolutely, probably summer. It all depends on when we get in the studio. Right now, the plan is for us to be in the studio early next year — like, first couple of months next year. So, a couple of months to get that going, a couple of months to get production, new masks, new outfits, new everything, and hopefully be able to come and start touring in the summer when the album comes out.”

Taylor also went a little further into the album’s progression, and in terms of new material it sounds like we might even get a bit more than just one album from Slipknot next year.

“Right now, we have 20 songs that we’ve demoed — and they are really, really good. So it’ll just come down to which ones come out the best. We take that, we make the album out of that, put the album out. However, the way we’re talking right now, we’re trying to find ways that everyone can hear all the songs. So we’ll put the album out, and then maybe we’ll release something after that. It’s something that we’re really trying to think of, giving the audience more, giving the fans more of us.”

The band’s yet-to-be-announced sixth studio album will act as a follow-up to 2014’s ‘.5: The Gray Chapter’.

More details surrounding the record will be confirmed as they develop.