NEWS: Slipknot may be teasing release date for sixth album!

Credit: Promo

Other than the release of their latest single ‘All Out Life’ back in October, very little is known about the highly-awaited sixth album from Iowan metal outfit Slipknot, but we do know that it’s coming this year.

It now appears that the band may well be teasing when they intend to release the yet-to-be-announced record, and if speculations are true then it’ll be dropping on August 9th 2019.

The band shared a link to the website – a lyric taken from the aforementioned single – which presents a few things.

First, at the top there’s a timer that’s set to expire on March 4th 2019, which is when fans are speculating they’ll announce a rumoured tour with Volbeat, Behemoth, and Gojira, though if that’s true and where it’ll extend to is yet to be seen.

If you’re accessing the website via a PC or a laptop, at the bottom it’ll tell you to access it via a mobile device instead.

Once accessed via a mobile device, the website will invite you to share your current location with it. Upon doing so, one of two things will then happen: you’ll either be given a rough distance from a location where fans assume will be your closest tour date, or you’ll be presented with “8.9.19”.

In the American formatting of dates, that reads August 9th 2019, the speculated release of what will be the band’s sixth album and follow-up to 2014’s ‘.5: The Gray Chapter’.

More details on what this all means will be confirmed as it develops.