NEWS: Sleep Token tease announcement for June 20th 2019!

Credit: Promo

It’s been a few months since enigmatic and mysterious outfit Sleep Token released ‘The Way That You Were’, the band’s latest single, but it looks like more new material will be coming very soon.

Over the past few days, the band have been sporadically making minor updates to their socials, mainly with changes to their profile images, but more significantly they’ve updated their website with the phrase XX.VI.MMXIX – in Roman numerals that reads 20.6.2019 (June 20th 2019).

Though it’s uncertain exactly what this announcement will entail, it is almost certain that this will be news pertaining to their eagerly-awaited debut album.

A short video was also shared on the band’s socials which also reads the same Roman numerals of XX.VI.MMXIX, but not before seeing what looks like an updated version of their logo which is then one-by-one encircled by twelve different logos; we assume that each of these logos pertains to a respective song, meaning that if this is an album announcement then it will have twelve tracks.

The video also plays a short clip of music in the background, so you can check that out here.

We also know that Sleep Token have signed a deal with Spinefarm Records/Universal Music, as confirmed by their manager Ryan Richards of Future History Management during a recent episode of Sappenin’ Podcast which you can listen to here (skip to the 1:21:00 mark if you just want to hear that bit).

We might also know the name of the album too. The band teased the name ‘The Night Comes Down Like Heaven’ at the end of last year in a cryptic (and now deleted) Instagram post, and you can read our initial report on that here.

More news on what this announcement is all about will be confirmed soon.

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