NEWS: Sleep Token might have announced their debut album!

Credit: Promo

Even though they’ve only performed one headline show to date in London a few months ago and have just two EPs, the enigmatic and mysterious Sleep Token have managed to recruit a cult-like fanbase already.

In keeping with their very secretive and elusive nature, it appears that the masked and unidentified band just might have announced their debut album. Well, the title at least.

In a Facebook post issued by the band, they’ve shared an image of frontman who is known only as Vessel with the caption “MMXIX. The Night Comes Down Like Heaven.”

Of course, in Roman numerals, MMXIX reads as 2019 and ‘The Night Comes Down Like Heaven’ would be assumed to be its title. Some fans are even speculating that the image itself could potentially be its cover artwork.

Of course, due to the band’s incredibly secretive nature, there’s no official confirmation as to whether or not this is indeed a clue tipping towards their debut full-length as we suspect, or something else entirely.

We’ll report more on what all of this mean as it progresses and develops.