NEWS: Slayer and Jägermeister team up for limited edition bottle set!

With thrash metal legend Slayer bringing their careers to end, with next month’s Download Festival being their final UK show, they’re teaming up with Jägermeister to celebrate their nearly 40-year career.

The two have teamed up to release a special limited edition Jägermeister bottle set, providing a 1.75l bottle in a custom gift box, engraved with your name.

Guitarist Kerry King commented and had this to say about the gift set.

“We’ve had some good times with Jägermeister through the years, we love that they’re creating a limited edition bottle to recognise the end of our journey and it looks awesome. I’m honored that our friends at Jägermeister hold us in such high regard. I can’t wait to get my hands on one!”

Fans can purchase the limited edition bottle set from