NEWS: Slam Dunk Festival reveal finalists of this year’s Battle Of The Band contest!

Slam Dunk Festival have now announced the final five bands per site that have been chosen as finalists following the Battle Of The Bands competition they launched earlier this year, who were selected by a panel of select judges throughout the music industry. All finalists bands for each date are listed below, along with links to their Facebook page to check them out before voting:

Wolves At Heart – http:/
The Goodyear –
Lazarus –
To Kill Achilles –
Mechanical Smile –

Above The Underground –
Calls Landing –
The King Is Dead –
Silver Story –
Dead Winter –

Leagues –
As It Is –
Keepsafe –
Roam –
Beyond Recall –

Fans Of Faye –
Audio Disease –
Taking Hayley –
Boundary –
Café De Kashmir –

Set Aside –
Detached –
Hot Damn –
Here Lies The Enemy –
Neck Deep –

The Winter Passing –
Tonight, We Live –
Excel 21 –
Alice Can’t Turn Left –
All It’s Worth –

To help choose one of the above finalist bands win and to play their selected date, register your vote over at the official Slam Dunk Festival Facebook page here).