NEWS: Slam Dunk Festival move North site; drop Midlands date for 2019!

In a statement issued by the organisers of Slam Dunk Festival, they have announced that they have decided to move the location of the North date and to also completely remove the Midlands date for the 2019 event.

Though moving from the city centre site in Leeds, the Slam Dunk team have assured fans that the new location at Temple Newsam Park, just outside Leeds City Centre, will be “very easy to access” in regards to parking, public transport links, and drop-off/collection points.

The removal of the Midlands date, which was introduced in 2013 and originally based in Wolverhampton before relocating to Birmingham in 2016, means that Slam Dunk Festival will return to a 2-day event next year.

The organisers shared this news via their social sites earlier today (October 14th 2018), explaining the reasoning for these two decisions being to offer “much more flexibility”, a reduction of queues, and making it easier for attendees to see as many bands as possible.

“2018 was a massive year for Slam Dunk Festival, especially the site move in South to Hatfield park which was a great success. Everyone loved the new site; it was easy to access, there were very small queues to get in, and then no queuing to see bands or access venues once inside. The larger outdoor stages meant everyone could see who they wanted to, with no small indoor venues becoming full to capacity, and the stages were still close enough together to move around quickly and see many more of the bands fans wanted to see.

Due to this, we are pleased to announce that Slam Dunk Festival North will also be moving to a new outdoor site. The new site will be Temple Newsam Park, just outside Leeds City Centre. It will be very easy to access – there will be easy drop-off and collection points, great parking straight off the motorway network, public transport links and we will also be providing a shuttle bus service from the city centre.

We would like to thank all the venues in Leeds that have worked with us over the last 4 years in the City Centre, but everyone agrees that (mainly due to the necessary, heightened security checks) it was just getting too hard for people to move easily around all the different venues in use.

Going forward, we have 2 large outdoor sites where we have much more flexibility to deliver what you want. Unfortunately this means we are unable to run a third day, so Slam Dunk Festival Midlands will not be happening in 2019. People of the Midlands fear not, you can still easily get to either of the other two sites! With the help of our travel partner, Big Green Coach Company, we will be putting on coaches from all around the UK. Across the North, coaches will go to Leeds, and across the South coaches will go to Hatfield; however from Birmingham there will be extra coaches to go to both sites. As you know we did rotate the days each year, but one event always had to draw the short straw of having to be on the Monday, with many people having to go to work or education the next day. Like many people did before we hosted a Midlands event, we hope you are willing to go those few extra miles to have a much bigger and better party!

As a brand new site, SDF South 2018 had its teething problems, however we have listened to and are working hard to address those problems for next year. Toilets facilities is one of the main points that came up, however we cannot stress enough there were ample toilets for the amount of people in attendance. The problem was people were not spread as equally as we predicted across the 3 toilet block locations, leading to one being heavily overused, and one being very underused. We will try to solve this with better distribution of the toilets in 2019. Car park queues to get off site were fairly long like any festival – however further delays were caused by 3 taxis who tried driving against the one way flow of the exit which blocked everything. Things will be put in place to stop this from happening next year, including increased staff numbers and better signage. An accurate prediction of how many cars we should expect will help us to plan, so please buy car park tickets in advance if possible, which will be reduced next year to £4 plus booking fees.

If you do have any more suggestions of how we can improve the site please don’t post them on here, as keeping up with Facebook and Twitter comments is very hard to do without missing any. Please email and we promise to read them all, however we won’t be able to reply sorry. Site suggestions only please, not bands! We have already asked many to play and the ones that are available are currently letting us know if the can do it or not. Then we will let you all know!

Details of first band announcement coming very soon!”

Those who are interested in knowing more about the new site for the North date of the festival can head to the Leeds City Council website (here), and also see a short video clip posted by the festival below.

Next year’s Slam Dunk Festival will take place in Leeds on May 25th 2019, and in Hatfield on May 26th 2019.

More details surrounding the festival, including line-up announcements, will be confirmed as they develop.