NEWS: Slam Dunk Festival 2019 tease special guests as being Y3K!

It was a few weeks ago when Slam Dunk Festival completed all but one name on their line-up for this year’s weekend event, and since then the internet has been searching for clues and guessing who this mysterious addition could be.

A bunch of names were hurled out across social media for who fans would hope would fill the final spot, including Simple Creatures, A Day To Remember, Carousel Kings, and Busted to name a few.

The festival sent out little hints here and there too, like mentioning that their last tour across the UK was in arenas, but they’re still yet to be named.

However, it seems the Slam Dunk Festival app has update today with a further clue, now renaming the special guest under the name Y3K.

Though they’re still yet to explicitly confirm the name of the band (because they’re definitely not actually called Y3K) it’s worth considering that one of the guessed bands above have released a song called ‘Year 3000’, and fans have spotted that same band liking a bunch of Slam Dunk Festival‘s posts on Instagram.

So, from the clues at hand, we’re definitely guessing it’s probably Busted, but it looks like we’ll just have to turn up to find out.