NEWS: SKYND present dark video for new song, ‘Jim Jones’!

Credit: Promo

Fascinated by the world of crime and serial killers, enigmatic electro-industrial duo SKYND have marked their return with a new single, ‘Jim Jones’, the first from their upcoming second EP.

The track is named after the infamous religious cult leader, Jim Jones, who in 1978 committed a mass murder–suicide of 918 of his followers by forcing them to consume cyanide-poisoned soft drinks.

Vocalist SKYND had this to say about the song, and of choosing Jim Jones as subject matter for a song.

“I always wanted to write about Jim Jones because I’ve long been fascinated by how easily people are manipulated when it comes to religion. It was interesting how people followed him while ignoring all of the facts to the contrary about who he truly was. We put the facts of the story into music. I was also intrigued by the audio tapes of him talking his followers into suicide, I knew I had to write about it.”

You can stream and watch the dark video that accompanies ‘Jim Jones’ below.

More details surrounding their second EP, ‘Chapter II’, will be confirmed as it develops.