NEWS: Shawn Crahan to release directorial debut, ‘Officer Downe’, on November 18th 2016!

Though best known by his stage name Clown and performing in front of thousands upon thousands of maggots (or, Slipknot fans), Shawn Crahan has also dabbled in creating videos, especially for other bands, and will soon be releasing his debut directorial feature. The feature length film, ‘Officer Downe’, is expected to hit theatres and on demand platforms on November 18th 2016 through Magnet Releasing.

The film, which stars Kim Coates of ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ fame as the titular character, follows the story of a police officer who is repeatedly killed, resurrected, and sent back into the field thanks to some technology that essentially makes him immortal. It’s an adaptation of the 2010 graphic novel of the same name by Joe Casey and Chris Burnham.

More news surrounding the release of the film will be confirmed as and when it develops.

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