NEWS: Sharptooth unleash new song, ‘Mean Brain’!

Credit: Ana Massard

Baltimore heavy hitters Sharptooth have just unleashed a new song called ‘Mean Brain’, their first since the release of their 2017 debut full-length record, ‘Clever Girl’.

The song is expected to feature on the band’s yet-to-be-announced sophomore LP, and this is what vocalist Lauren Kashan had to say about it.

“I think everyone, particularly those of us with mental illness, can relate to the experience of beating ourselves up, and getting stuck in those negative thought patterns. They’re a blend of our deepest fears in the hands of our harshest inner critic, and when left unchecked can lead to seriously painful self-loathing and a distorted view of our place in the world.

But we are not our thoughts or our feelings. They are part of our experience, but they don’t have to define us. For me, the first step to finding compassion for myself was to acknowledge those negative thought patterns for what they are; not facts, just my brain being mean to me.”

You can stream and listen to ‘Mean Brain’ below.

More details surrounding the band’s second album will be confirmed as it develops.