NEWS: Senses Fail to re-record older songs with vulgar language removed!

Credit: Promo

It appears that New Jersey based post-hardcore outfit Senses Fail are working on re-recording some of their earlier material, and in their revised formats there’ll be some minor lyrical adjustments.

In a series of tweets from the band’s official Twitter account, the band explain that they’ll be altering some of the vulgar language in their songs, more specifically the choice to remove the word “whore” from their song ‘Handguns And Second Chances’ and the word “bitch” from ‘Bastard Son’.

Fans and followers began responding to these tweets pretty quickly, some of which were supporting of the band’s decision to make these alterations, and others much less so.

However, the band have explained that the original versions and their originally recorded lyrics/vocals would still remain available in both digital and physical formats indefinitely.

In clarifying exactly which songs are being re-recorded and how many, the band confirmed that they’ll be releasing a revised version of their 2002 debut EP, ‘From The Depths Of Dreams’.

At the time of writing, it’s not entirely certain as to how the band will be releasing the revised and updated versions of their selected older material that’s being re-recorded, or when we can expect to hear them.

Senses Fail released their eighth studio album ‘If There Is Light, It Will Find You’ earlier this year through Pure Noise Records.